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Kimono Set Plans

In the world of Japanese culture, we offer special discounted kimono set plans when you make a reservation for a tea ceremony experience at Kimono Rental Yume Kyoto (1-2 minutes on foot).

Take a short walk up Ninen-zaka and enjoy a tea ceremony experience in traditional attire. You can explore the streets of Kyoto in a kimono before and after the tea ceremony.

While participation in your regular attire is welcome, we believe that wearing a kimono and immersing yourself in Japanese culture will enhance your experience even more.

We have kimonos available for not only women but also men and children.

Explore Ninen-zaka in rented kimonos

Features of Kimono Rental Yume Kyoto

Wide Variety of Kimonos

We offer more than three times the number of kimonos compared to regular kimono rental shops.

Choose your favorite kimono from a selection of bright and cute kimonos to elegant and glossy ones. Our dedicated staff will assist you with dressing.

Hairstyling to Match Your Kimono

For an additional fee of 1,100 yen, our staff can arrange a hairstyle that complements your kimono. Enjoy a brief taste of traditional Japanese beauty.

Just 2 Minutes' Walk to Kimono Rental Yume Kyoto from the Tea Ceremony Venue

Both our locations are in the Ninen-zaka vicinity, making it a 1-2 minute walk between them.

Of course, you can stroll around in your kimono before and after the tea ceremony, allowing you to leisurely enjoy your time without rushing to return the kimono.

Kimono Rental Process

  1. First, Reserve Your Tea Ceremony

    Please make a reservation for the tea ceremony experience through our website.
  2. Next, Make a Reservation at Yume Kyoto (Kodai-ji Temple Store)

    Contact Yume Kyoto and reserve your kimono wearing time for the tea ceremony experience. Normally, you will come to Yume Kyoto one hour before the tea ceremony, but the timing may vary depending on the number of participants. Please confirm.
  3. On the Day, Visit Yume Kyoto

    When you arrive, please show the tea ceremony reservation email sent to you via email to Yume Kyoto.
  4. Wear Your Kimono and Head to the Tea Ceremony Venue

    Put on your kimono and come to the tea ceremony venue. You can enjoy the tea ceremony experience while taking beautiful photos in your elegant kimono.
Kimono Experience Plan Cost (Full Set) - Normally 5,390 yen, now 4,400 yen for both adults and children. Optional fees (Hairstyling +1,100 yen, Nagoya Obi Belt +1,100 yen) should be requested on the day with our staff.