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Tea Ceremony Experience
About "Nagomi"

The Tea Ceremony Experience "Nagomi" is located in the Kanda Takesaiku shop, which has a history of almost 100 years and built in four generations. The building itself was constructed over 100 years ago and is recognized as a traditional architectural structure by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. It's a historic building that has not undergone reconstruction.

The tea room on the second floor is "Nagomi," where the Tea Ceremony Experience takes place.

The room, with an ambiance suitable for a tea ceremony, not only allows you to enjoy tea but also provides a space to engage all your senses, where you can feel the warmth of wood. We use bamboo tea whisks sold at Kanda Takesaiku to make matcha for all of you.

Features of "Nagomi"

Instructors in Seasonal Kimonos

At this Tea Ceremony Experience facility, our instructors wear kimonos while conducting tea ceremonies and other activities. Each instructor adorns themselves in kimonos that suit the season, providing you with a glimpse of Japan just by seeing their attire. It's an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

Over 10,000 Participants

Since its opening, "Nagomi" has had over 10,000 participants from many different countries in the Tea Ceremony Experience. We have been able to reach this point by providing detailed explanations and guidance on tea ceremonies to each and every participant. We will continue to build on our experience to offer even better experiences in the future.

In a Historical Tea Room

The tea room is designed by a traditional tea room architect, emphasizing aesthetics such as color coordination, tokonoma (alcove), and tatami arrangement, which are considered beautiful in the world of tea ceremonies. We promise that the atmosphere of this traditional tea room in Kyoto, combined with the historic building, will create a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all of you. Moreover, for group bookings, we can accommodate up to approximately 25 people, allowing you to relax comfortably.