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Kyoto Tea Ceremony Experience Nagomi

"Nagomi" was built more than 100 years ago and
Our tea ceremony room located in the Kanda Bamboo Shop. The 'Nagomi' Tea Ceremony Experience is in the center of Ninen-zaka, a must-visit destination on your trip to Kyoto. It's our pleasure that if you could stop by on your way.

Furthermore, you can experience the traditional tea ceremony led by instructors proficient in both English and Japanese, and participate in making matcha together with everyone.

We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy your time with us.

6 Features

  1. Feature 1

    Experienced Tea Ceremony Instructors

    Our tea ceremony instructors are highly experienced in both English and Japanese. Learn the rich history of tea ceremony demonstrated by our instructors.

  2. Feature 2

    Over 150 Years of History with Matcha

    We use matcha from Gion Tsujiri, a tea with a history of over 150 years in Kyoto. It is known for its lack of bitterness and is loved not only by Japanese but also by foreign travelers.

  3. Feature 3

    Kiyomizu Temple's Exclusive Dry Sweets and Seasonal Sweets

    We also offer "Kiyomizu Temple's exclusive dry sweets" and "seasonal sweets from a renowned Japanese sweet shops," along with matcha. You can experience the same treats enjoyed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

  4. Feature 4

    Selected Water from the Foot of Mount Fuji

    At our establishment, we use water sourced from the clear springs at the foot of Mount Fuji, ensuring the purest water for our matcha.

  5. Feature 5

    Kiyomizu-yaki Matcha Bowls

    You will have the opportunity to select your own Kiyomizu-yaki (Kiyomizu ware) matcha bowl, representing Kyoto. We offer a wide range of designs to choose from.

  6. Feature 6

    Japanese-style tea room

    Our tea room, designed by an architect specializing in historical structures, includes a tokonoma alcove where you can enjoy flowers and hanging scrolls. We can accommodate up to 25 people in our tea room.

Tea Ceremony Experience Flow

  1. Tea Ceremony Experience Flow 1

    Choose a Matcha Bowl

    Select a historic matcha bowl with your preferred design to use when making matcha by yourself.

  2. Tea Ceremony Experience Flow 2

    Explanation of the Tea Ceremony

    We will explain the 400-year history and culture of the tea ceremony in both English and Japanese.

  3. Tea Ceremony Experience Flow 3

    Tea Ceremony Demonstration by the Instructor

    Observe the tea ceremony preparation, known as "Otemae," performed by our tea ceremony instructor. Each movement has a special meaning, creating a beautiful and precise presentation.

  4. Tea Ceremony Experience Flow 4

    Prepare Matcha Yourself

    Experience making matcha by yourself. Enjoy the matcha you prepare along with traditional Japanese sweets.


Plans and Pricing

Shared Matcha Experience

Shared Plan

  • Experience with other customers
  • Learn about history and culture from a tea ceremony instructor
  • Enjoy a tea ceremony demonstration by the instructor
  • Try making matcha yourself
  • Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets
Price (Per Person)
1 person ¥3,300(Tax included)
2-17 people ¥3,000(Tax included)
18 or more people ¥2,800(Tax included)
Children (6 to under 13 years old) ¥1,600(Tax included)
Guests who require a private plan:Infants and babies (under 5 years old) entering the tea ceremony room. Guests who do not understand Japanese or English and require an interpreter/guide.

Private Matcha Experience

Private Plan

  • Private tea ceremony experience
  • Learn about history and culture from a tea ceremony instructor
  • Observe a tea ceremony demonstration by the instructor
  • Try making matcha yourself
  • Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets
Price (Per Person/ages 6 and over)
2 people ¥15,000(tax included)
3 people ¥10,000(tax included)
4 people ¥7,500(tax included)
5 people ¥6,000(tax included)
6-7 people ¥5000(tax included)
8-10 people ¥4500(tax included)
11-13 people ¥4000(tax included)
14-15 people ¥3500(tax included)
16 people~ ¥3300(tax included)
You can make it private Customers who need it. Customers who bring infants and babies (under 5 years old) into the tea room. Customers who do not understand Japanese or English and need an interpreter guide. *We may decline your request due to circumstances. we would like appreciate your understanding of our situation.
School Trip Students' Matcha Experience

School Trip Plan

  • Experience for students
  • Learn about history and culture from a tea ceremony instructor
  • Observe a tea ceremony demonstration by the instructor
  • Try making matcha yourself
  • Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets
Price (Per Person Under 19 Years Old)¥2,500(Tax included)
For School Trip Plan, please call
Business Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Reservation Process

  1. Make reservation

    Please make your reservation by selecting an available date and time through the button.

  2. Payment

    Our tea ceremony experience generally requires prepayment. Credit card payment is accepted.

    *Cancellation policy is available here

  3. Visit the Tea Room

    Please arrive at our tea room 5 minutes before your reserved date and time to start the experience.

    *Directions can be found here

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From what age is it possible to experience the tea ceremony?
We can do this for any age, but we ask for a private plan for younger children.
What is the maximum number of people allowed?
Maximum is 25 persons
Is it possible to put on a kimono at a tea room?
It is possible to experience a tea ceremony wearing a kimono, but we do not rent kimonos.
Are there for English and Chinese speakers?
The service will be provided in English, so in the case of Chinese, we ask that an interpreter be present..
Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
It is possible up to the day of the event. In case of same-day cancellation, 100% of the cancellation fee will be charged.50% will be charged for cancellations made the day before the class.
Is it possible for beginners to try the tea ceremony?
You're more than welcome to join us!