tea ceremony nagomi
tea ceremony nagomi
tea ceremony nagomi

For the time being, the business hours are until 5pm.
please book the experience by 2days before the day come over.

Nagomi:Experience 1, Introduction of "Sado", the Way of Tea.
Nagomi:Experience 2, Performing the Way of Tea. Every movement is meaningful. Appreciate delicate beautiful performance with deft actions!
Nagomi:Ecperience 3, Choosing a tea bowl.・You can select a tea bowl of Kiyomizu pottery.
Nagomi:Ecperience 4, Let's whisk our own tea and enjoy Japanese sweets
Nagomi:Fare, Feel the atmosphere of Kyoto through Japanese tea ceremony experience with Matcha and Japanese sweets!
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special. Let's have an excellent experience with tasty matcha and Japanese sweet!
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 1: Tea: 'Tsujiri', a top class green-tea brand in Japan, established in 1860.
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 2: Japanese sweet: 'Tsuboneya-risshun', a purveyor to high renown 'Kiyomizu' temple.
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 3: Water: Pure natural water from the Mt. Fuji.
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 4: Staff: Offering Japanese tea ceremony experiences in English. Let's learn the heart of Japanese culture!
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 5: Using Japanese tea bowls from Kiyomizu
Nagomi:Nagomi's Special, Point 6: Tea room with a Tokonoma (alcove).